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Manifold: A fitting that connects a number of Gordontheplumber.com Villa Park IL 60181 branches to the main; serves as a distribution point. MaP score: Maximum Performance score. Represents the number of grams of solid waste (soybean paste and toilet paper) that a particular toilet can flush and remove completely from the fixture in a single flush. Mapp Gas: A colorless, flammable gas made by combining liquefied petroleum gas with Methylacetylene-Propadiene. It is a stable, non-toxic fuel used in brazing and soldering. MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level – The maximum level of a contaminant allowed in water by federal law. Metal Fatigue: A breakage of the metal caused by the bending and flexing or the expansion and contraction of a metal part beyond its endurance limit. MIP: (aka MTP or Male Pipe Thread) Acronym for Male Iron Pipe (or Male International Pipe). It describes a pipe or fitting with threads on the exterior.


12 Things to Consider When Buying a New Bathtub Dreaming of the perfect bathtub? A bathroom renovation can provide the results you want, but first you have some planning to do. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom upgrade. Bathtubs are not one-size-fits-all. Choose the right size based on the space you have and your goals for a new bathtub. And, if your old one was a little cramped, this is the time to up size, if you have the space. Standard tubs tend to be around 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. How comfortable is your current bathtub? Choose a shape and slope that match your needs (don’t be afraid to hop in a display tub to see how it feels). This is also a chance to choose a different style for your new tub, if you can accommodate any necessary plumbing changes. Oval and round tubs are more modern, while rectangular tubs are more traditional.


  The same repair should always product the same results. Flat rate pricing assures that from master plumber to journeyman plumber and from customer to customer the same fee is charged for the same repair. That produces the same profit results. Unlike time and materials pricing, there is no undercharging for Fred Fast and no overcharging for Sam Slow. Customers will focus on the overall value instead of how much time the plumber spends on the repair. Everybody is happier.  With a flat-rate system, the goal is to charge a fair price. But a fair price isn’t necessarily a low price. Hey—you work hard. Your company needs to make a profit. The flat rate system allows you to charge a fair price and take the emphasis off the hourly rate.


How to Make Sure You Hire the Best Carpet Cleaner Regular cleaning doesn’t just make your carpet look better ; it makes it last longer too. Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot-water extraction as the primary cleaning method for synthetic carpets. The best strategy is to hire a professional every year or two and clean the carpet yourself between pro cleanings. Here are some hiring tips: Hire a pro who uses truck-mounted equipment rather than portable steam clean-ing equipment. Truck-mounted equipment exhausts the dirty air and humidity out-side. Its stronger suction leaves carpets drier too. Ask for a high-pressure rinse. This agitates the pile and neutralizes the carpet’s pH. Ask the pro to set furniture on blocks or pads after cleaning. This prevents stains from transferring from furniture legs to the damp carpet.


“Every company goes through its trials, but we do everything we can to keep morale up. We do everything we can to make it a positive work environment. The management style I have always followed is to lead on a positive level,” he says. “And the positive attitude we have in the office, when conveyed to our clients, helps them overcome their situations. After all, the clients have called us because they are unhappy. They are unhappy that something is wrong in their home.” Eisenhauer says the positive attitude begins with Goodrich, who, he says, is “upbeat and can-do and pretty demanding, too. He attracts the best talent — not just recruits them.” The upbeat company attracts customers, too. It holds them through such innovations as The Sunshine Club, an annual maintenance agreement in which The Sunny Plumber techs inspect all fixtures, check the pressure on lines, do recommended maintenance on the water heater, and flush drains. The agreement promises two drain clean-outs each year and a camera inspection whenever a snake is deployed to clear a line. Sometimes these inspections generate additional plumbing work, sometimes not.


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